Hailey Bieber Hits Back at 'Awful' Rumors About Selena Gomez and Their Alleged Feud

As Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez, both cleared the air on rumors circulating online that the two were engaged in a longstanding feud nearly four months ago, the model is giving her take on what she considers as "twisted and perpetuated narratives" that have been spreading across the internet. "I don't think that this is about me, Hailey Bieber, and Selena Gomez," Bieber said in an episode of the Bloomberg Originals series The Circuit With Emily Chang that aired on June 29. "This is not about this pitting between two women and division between two women. It's about the vile, disgusting hatred that can come from completely made up and twisted and perpetuated narratives. That can be really dangerous."

The 26-year-old, who is married to Gomez's ex Justin Bieber, 29, is ready for all this drama to come to an end and wants to move forward. "I think that it's an opportunity to really stand for bringing people together and not being ok with the kind of division that it caused because I'm not ok with the kind of division that it caused," Hailey continued. "I don't like this whole idea of team this person and team this person—I'm just not about that. I want to be able to bring people together." Earlier in March, Gomez, 30, had condemned "hateful negativity" directed against Hailey, culminating years of speculation that the singer and Hailey were feuding over the "Peaches" singer. For Hailey, it was a message that was of crucial importance. "I think that was a really important moment for people to see that you can do that," she said. "And you can bring people together and it doesn't have to be about this divisive nature."

When the host Emily Chang drew attention to the fact that pitting women against each other serves as a "frustrating, old" cliché, Hailey sided with her entirely, stating she "couldn't agree more." "Because of a guy? It's awful," she stated. "I hate it. I've hated it since the beginning. And I think that kind of goes back to a little bit of just being misunderstood when it's like time and time again, I don't know why I keep having to say, and we keep having to say, that there is no issue and there is no problem." According to the founder of Rhode Beauty, "It's so disappointing that people still behave this way over a man. It's the world we live in, unfortunately."