Gwyneth Paltrow Stirs Social Media Over Controversial Comments About 'Fraught Relationship' With Harvey Weinstein

Gwyneth Paltrow recently made some controversial comments about her past "fraught relationship" with Harvey Weinstein, and users on social media are weighing in. Paltrow was speaking at the Dealbook conference on Wednesday and while discussing Weinstein's fall from grace, she brought up the film Shakespeare In Love, which the now disgraced production mogul produced.

"He was a very, very important figure in my life. He was my main boss," she said. "He gave me incredible opportunity and yet during that time we had a very, very fraught complicated relationship. Highs and lows." She went on to say that "the postscript to that chapter of my life is where it gets extremely complicated for me, because information came to light about who he was and how he was behaving that I didn't know during my already very difficult time with him. So I'm not sure. I'm not sure how I feel."

These statements have caused quite the controversy among social media users.

"How would Gwyneth Paltrow feel if she didn't do what Weinstein or another high executive wanted and she never got another job in the industry??? It has happened to many."

"'I think we're all equal parts or varying percentages light and dark...' I would guess that [Rose McGowan] might have some thoughts on those percentages, Gwyn," another person tweeted. "Just because a rapist also throws change into the March Of Dimes bucket doesn't make him a 'conflicted individual.' "

"Weinstein has 87 assault victims the majority of whom suffered traumatic assaults. You've consumed too much Goop if you're confused about your feelings toward him," someone else commented.

Following her comments on Weinstein, Paltrow then went on to imply that she does think that some of the more "egregious offenders" should have longer-lasting consequences for their actions.


"There's a spectrum," Paltrow said, "but it does seem to me, for the more egregious offenders, that really loss of power is what keeps them from further offending. So if they don't have the power, then they lose that dynamic and then the game's over."

Photo Credit: Getty Images