'Good Morning America: Ginger Zee Reflects After Heartwarming Encounters With Fans

Ginger Zee is a busy woman right now. In addition to being Good Morning America's resident meteorologist, Zee is a published author. Her latest book, A Little Closer to Home: How I Found Calm After the Storm, was released in January 2022. Months later, Zee continues to promote her book by meeting with fans from across the country. Most recently, she held a book signing in New Jersey and, as she reflected on Instagram, she truly appreciated the fans that came out to support her latest endeavor. 

Zee posted a photo from the book signing in which she could be seen greeting two of her fans. In addition to sharing the image, the Good Morning America personality wrote a big thank you to everyone who came out to support A Little Closer to Home. She also opened up about how writing her books has allowed her to find connections with many different people

"Writing these books gave me the most beautiful opportunity to connect with so many people," Zee wrote. "We are so not alone in this thing called life." It's nice to see that Zee had a positive experience with her fans recently. Unfortunately, that hasn't always been the case for the meteorologist. In late June, Zee had a very different message when it came to a troll who criticized her parenting. After posting a photo of herself at an event, one Facebook user questioned, "Who's raising your kids?" In response, she wrote, "I am with the help of my husband and our nanny. You don't come from a home where both parents work? I do. And it was amazing." Zee further defended herself with a message that she posted on Instagram. 

While she noted that she does "welcome criticism" even when it comes to her "parenting," she did take issue with people trying to force their own ideas on others. She wrote, "That said, what's "good" for you would not be good for me. I hope other new parents can feel the support and understanding that comes with all different parenting structures. There is no right or wrong if love, support and guidance surrounds the child." Zee ended her message by writing that both of her parents worked when she was a child and that she was raised with the help of her "grandma, babysitters and eventually my step parents." In the end, she wrote that "Everyone's village looks different" and that she is "lucky" to have her own.