'The Good Doctor' Star Richard Schiff Offers Promising Update on His COVID-19 Hospitalization

Good Doctor star Richard Schiff is "cautiously optimistic" as he continues to battle the coronavirus. More than two weeks after receiving his positive COVID-19 diagnosis, and amid his subsequent hospitalization, the actor says that his health is beginning to improve.

Providing an update for fans on Wednesday, Schiff revealed that he was "just taken off oxygen." The 65-year-old revealed this week week that he had been hospitalized and was being treated with the anti-viral drug remdesivir as well as oxygen and steroids, treatments that he said led to him "showing some improvement every day." In his latest update, Schiff said that he has made such great improvements that he is “cautiously optimistic for release soon. Perhaps all the prayers and thoughts need a big thank you." Schiff's wife, Sheila Kelley, is also fighting the virus from home and is "also doing better."

The Good Doctor stars confirmed on Nov. 10 that they had both tested positive for the virus just a week prior. According to sources, they are believed to have contracted COVID-19 off-set of the ABC medical drama, which has continued to film, with some adjustments, amid their recoveries. At the time, Schiff said that they were "determined to find a way to health again," with his wife confirming that they were "quarantined in our home in Vancouver, recovering."

Throughout their battles with the virus, Schiff and Kelley haven't shied away from opening up about their health. In a Monday Instagram post, Kelley admitted that "the last 72 hours have been tough." Revealing her husband's hospitalization, she said that he was "doing better. Getting stronger." While she continues to recover at home, she explained that both she and her son were "riding this strange covid coaster up and then down and all around." Speaking of the illness, Kelley said that she has "never experienced anything like this before," adding that "one minute I'm feeling pretty good and the next I'm struggling to breathe."

Kelley went on to advise her followers that "the relationship between you and your body is everything" when it comes to COVID. She encouraged them to "listen" to their bodies, adding that hers "is guiding me through this." The actress said that she is not sure where she contracted the virus, suggesting that it may have been at the gym, "could've been takeout. It's impossible to know." She also encouraged her followers to "keep masking up. Washing hands. Stay away from this virus. It's a motherf–er."