Gayle King Updates Fans on Painful Injury

CBS This Morning star and host Gayle King delivered an update on a painful injury to her left foot. King reveals that will be required to wear a boot for quite awhile her doctor's diagnosis of Achilles tendonitis. King, 67, was spotted hobbling at a party in New York City on May 17, wearing one heeled shoe and one brightly-colored clog.

King visited Dr. Nadia Levy on Friday. She came into the office wearing a clog and came out "hobbling with this very attractive boot," King wrote on Instagram. King also included a video of Levy explaining the diagnosis. "Achilles tendonitis," Levy told King's fans. "And she's going to have to be in a boot just to calm it down and on some anti-inflammatories."

King said she did not know what she "did wrong." Levy suggested the O Magazine editor-at-large may have "just over tweaked a right tendon." King jokingly said, "That's me, over tweaking a right tendon." At the end of the clip, King celebrated the news that she does not need surgery.

The journalist's fans were happy to see King didn't need surgery. "Praying for [a] speedy recovery," one fan wrote. "Go easy!! Don't wear too high [heels] on the good foot – you won't be balanced and could hurt your hip," another commented. "I am glad you are recovering greatly," one fan added.

King attended various events in New York City last week while wearing mismatched footwear before she finally saw Levy on Friday. During The Hollywood Reporter's Most Powerful People in Media event at The Pool in New York City on May 17, King told Page Six she injured herself a few days earlier when getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. She "crumbled" and believed it was her Achilles.

When asked if she was going to see a doctor, King said her condition was getting better but she still planned to go. "This is what my son and daughter said to me today: 'Mom, this is ridiculous. You should go to the doctor," King told Page Six. "If it's like this by Thursday, I'll go."

King is not letting the boot slow her down. On Sunday, she attended the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, wearing a neon yellow dress. King shared pictures with Katharine McPhee, who sang the National Anthem before the race, and 300 Entertainment co-founder Kevin Liles.


During a joint PEOPLE interview with Oprah Winfrey, King said she is an extrovert who "loves a good soiree," while Winfrey loves staying home and reading. Despite their little differences, the two have been friends for 46 years. Winfrey and King met when they were both working at WJZ-TV in Baltimore. One night, they were stuck at the station during a snowstorm. "We ended up talking all night long," Winfrey said. "We've literally been friends ever since."