Fox Game Show Host Arrested for DUI Slams 'Terrible Person' Kristin Cavallari for Recounting Incident on Her Podcast

He wasn't happy with his ex about how she aired his personal business on her podcast.

Comedian Jeff Dye is slamming his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Cavallari, for publicly speaking about his DUI arrest earlier this year. Calling her a "terrible person," Dye, who hosts the syndicated Fox game show Who the BLEEP Is That?, said that his feelings were hurt when Cavallari gave details on her "Let's Be Honest" podcast about his arrest and posted photos of his totaled car on her Instagram Story.

"Kristin telling the story on her podcast for clicks, which f- her ... It's not her story to tell," Dye, 40, said last week while appearing on the Smoochietown with Marco DelVecchio podcast. "It was very terrible, and it hurt my feelings a lot. I don't think people realize how horrific that made me feel. Like, I don't know if anyone will ever know. I don't know how to explain it. Imagine the worst thing that ever happened to you and strangers are looking at you at a coffee shop."

Dye was arrested in California on Sunday, October 8 for fleeing the scene of a traffic collision and driving under the influence. Witnesses told the Burbank Police that the driver of a white Tesla, later confirmed to be Dye, "collided with a tree and the driver fled on foot." About half an hour later, Dye was arrested at a nearby coffee shop where he was meeting with Cavallari.

On the Smoochietown podcast last week, Dye admitted that he has spent the last 20 years as a "high-functioning alcoholic" and is working on his sobriety journey. "I'm an alcoholic," he revealed. "I have 36 days sober now."

Speaking of the October arrest, Dye said he was running late the morning of his coffee date with Cavallari because he slept through his alarm. "I jumped in the cold shower, I put a hat on and just got in my Tesla," he recalled. "Teslas are very fast and so I just lost control of my car and crashed it. This is nine hours after I went to sleep. It wasn't like I was leaving a bar, I wasn't hammered."

He said he was concerned about "some alcohol" being in his system – despite him saying he "didn't feel drunk" at the time of the accident – so he ran from the car, which police said later he crashed into a tree. "Then, they arrested me at a coffee shop in front of my ex, in front of everyone at the coffee shop, too," he said. "It was wildly humiliating."

Cavallari, who dated Dye for five months in 2020 and 2021, recounted the same incident on her Let's Be Honest podcast weeks after Dye's arrest, without using his name. "I go, 'Can you guys tell me what is going on?" Cavallari said during the Oct.24 episode. "One of the police officers goes, 'There was a report of a hit-and-run down the street and he matches the description of the guy.'"