Former KISS Guitarist Ace Frehley Accuses 'Sex Addict' Gene Simmons of Groping His Wife

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has accused 'sex addict' Gene Simmons of groping his wife at an [...]

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has accused "sex addict" Gene Simmons of groping his wife at an event.

Frehley took to Facebook to air some grievances he has with Simmons, following a new interview with the KISS bass player, in which he claimed that Frehley was fired from the band multiple times due to "drugs, alcohol, bad behavior, being unprofessional."

In his fiery rebuttal, Frehley refuted Simmons comments, and also claimed that his former bandmate once "propositioned" his wife.

"Gene, your memory is really incorrect!…I was NEVER FIRED from KISS, I quit twice (not 3-times) of my own free will, because you and Paul are control freaks, untrustworthy and were too difficult to work with!" Frehley's statement began.

"Your slanderous remarks about my bad habits over the years has cost me millions of dollars and now that I'm over 12-years sober you're still saying I can't be trusted to play a whole nights show! Well that's exactly what I've been doing for the last 12-years with different configurations of "The Ace Frehley Band" to you and Paul's dismay!" he continued.

Frehley then claimed that he is "the most successful solo artist to come out of the original KISS lineup, and proud of it," adding how Simmons and Paul Stanley tried to "derail" his solo career multiple times over the years, but to no success.

"I've tried to be nice and friendly by inviting you and Paul to perform on my past albums for eOne Music, give each of you guys one of my prized Gibson Les Paul 59' models," Frehley went on to say.

"But today's comments have made me realize you're just an a—hole and a sex addict who's being sued by multiple Women, and you're just trying to sweep it all under the carpet!"

"The icing on the cake was when you groped my wife and propositioned her in Los Angeles at the Capitol Records building behind my back, when I was trying to help you out at one of your 'Vault Experiences' which I only found out about several weeks later, Frehley said of the encounter his wife had with Simmons, "she was planning on pursuing a suit against you, but I told her to call it off!!!"

"Well now the gloves are off after your terrible comments today and I'm thinking that this really may be 'The End Of The Road Tour' for you guys!!!" he said in conclusion. "Without a complete and heartfelt apology, an offer to give me my old job back, and removing Tommy from the Throne that I created… THE S— WILL HIT THE FAN AND THEY'LL BE NO STOPPING IT-IT'S ON!!!"

Simmons does not yet appear to have responded to Frehley's allegations.