Felicity Huffman: Where Will 'Desperate Housewives' Star Serve Prison Sentence?

Felicity Huffman is going to prison, but her cell may not look like the ones you are used to seeing on TV. The actress is reportedly hoping to serve her sentence in the Federal Correctional institution, Dublin in California. Among the locals, it is referred to as "Chateau Dublin" or "Club Fed."

Huffman has finally been sentenced in connection with the massive college admission bribery scandal from earlier this year. The former Desperate Housewives star was ordered to serve 14 days in prison. Her attorney has requested she do so in FCI Dublin, according to a report by Radar Online. The outlet spoke to sources familiar with the prison about the relatively good conditions there.

"The community came up with [Chateau Dublin] because it's more like a luxury retreat than a prison. Also, they came up with a moniker so they didn't have to refer to it as a prison," they said.

FCI Dublin is a low-security federal prison for female inmates only. It is in a suburb between San Jose and Sacramento, California, and was nicknamed "Club Fed" in 1998, when social worker Patricia Clark was locked up for bank robbery. As she explained to SF Gate at the time, she was not expecting her accommodations to be so nice.

"I was in Washoe County Jail, scared and shaking and crying, waiting to be transferred," Clark said. "The jail nurse patted my back and told me everything would be OK. She said she heard we were going to a country club."

According to Radar Online, Huffman's attorney, Martin Murphy requested FCI Dublin specifically, but not because of its high quality accomodations. The lawyer reportedly asked Judge Indira Talwani to send Huffman there for geographical convenience.

"It's the closest to Ms. Huffman's residence," Murphy reportedly said.

FCI Dublin is in one of California's most expensive areas, and is surrounded on all sides by homes with million-dollar price tags. Radar Online's source described the prison as having "cool ocean breezes, floor to ceiling windows without bars, private rooms with televisions and computers, and acres of gardens."

"There's a grand gated entrance with understated security and hidden cameras replace barbed wired fences," they added. "Past the gates you'll find high-tech private bungalows for the inmates with the most advanced technology such as solar panels and motorized shutters."

Huffman would not even be confined to a cell if she were admitted to the prison. The source said that prisoners "are free to roam the grounds and saunter into the lobby which includes a library stocked with classics and a grand piano."


"Inmates would be free to work off site at one of the many area cultural centers such as the Dublin Heritage Park and Museums, a 10-acre park with historic buildings, and lawns. Some have even enrolled in local area college classes," they added.

Murphy's recommendation to Judge Talwani was noted, but the Bureau of Prisons has the final say in which facility Huffman ends up in. Check back for updates on her sentence and the rest of the bribery scandal.