Eric Schiffer, Celebrity Brand Expert, Claims Ellen DeGeneres Is 'Running a Giant Fraud' Amid Alleged Rumors (Exclusive)

International brand and political strategy expert, Eric Schiffer, is claiming truth to widespread rumors involving beloved daytime host, Ellen DeGeneres that allege the talk show host of being a rather unkind person off camera. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, a number of individuals who have worked alongside DeGeneres are now coming forward to speak their side of the story, giving fans of the 62-year-old comedian and television host a much different view of the woman who tells viewers to spread kindness.

While in no affiliation or accord of said claims, spoke exclusively to Schiffer who alleges DeGeneres has been "inconsistent" with how she wants to be portrayed. "Ellen has been running a giant fraud and positioning herself as a compassionate, sweet celebrity. The facts that are revealed with those behind the scenes in Hollywood and people I know in her circle, show her to be inconsistent with how she wants the public to believe she is," Schiffer told PopCulture. When asked whether he felt there was any truth to the recent rumors spreading among social media, Schiffer said, "I know for a fact, I have very good sources in her inner circle."

The Finding Dory star's former bodyguard, Tom Majercak, described her as "cold" when hired to protect her for the 2014 Oscars, claiming the encounter was just "very cold and it was very sly and it was actually kind of demeaning in the way that she treats people other than those who are in her circle." According to Schiffer, the pandemic was "the worst thing" that could have happened to the beloved host because "it revealed who she is to the world, first through how she treated her staff and eviscerating them from the payroll of, in most cases, during a time in which people could barely pay the rent if they didn't have a position; and two, many leaked and let the truth out who had been holding back." He further added how DeGeneres is "the single biggest phony in the history of modern Hollywood."

However, despite claims from Majercak and YouTube star Nikkie de Jager also known as "NikkieTutorials," who alleges DeGeneres of being "cold and distant" when she appeared on the popular television show in January, one source came forward to the comedian's defense telling Us Weekly that it would take a "lot more than a bodyguard and a blogger to change how people feel about her." However, Schiffer begs to differ with his own claims.

In light of all the accusations surfacing and being shared among the masses, her ratings have remained unscathed. However, the celebrity brand expert says it's only a matter of time before it does. "I think in time as the public begins to crack the facade everywhere and the average American and others understand that they've been getting bamboozled with the personality that they're seeing, it will erode the emotional connection and thus the ratings," Schiffer explained, adding without hesitancy that this won't be the end of the story and there is "more to come."


"I suspect that you're going to see her star continue to get hammered because of her character choices — that might get arrested — but it's going to require her to look in the mirror and decide to humble herself," Schiffer said. "And she's got, from all the insiders I know, one of the single biggest egos in Hollywood."

Since the claims were made about DeGeneres, she has yet to comment on the matter. Keep it right here at for all things celebrity and more, and follow us on Twitter for the very latest in entertainment and up-to-the-minute-news coverage.