Emmys 2022: Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Have Surprise 'Good Burger' Reunion

During the 2022 Emmys, show host Kenan Thompson had a surprise Good Burger reunion with his friend and co-star Kel Mitchell. At one point, while mingling with the crowd, Thompson was speaking to actor Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, Marvel's Eternals), who was cheekily playing Emmy's bartender, when the host turned around to say, "Why don't we take this guy's order over here. Excuse me, sir, can I get you something?" Mitchell appeared to the joy of the crowd, asking, "Can I get a good burger?" The SNL star quipped, "Make it two good burgers," then leaned in to give his old friend a hug.

Earlier this summer, PopCulture.com had a chance to catch up with Mitchell in honor of the 25th anniversary of Good Burger, and he confessed, "[It] absolutely does not feel like 25 years. But, it is and, it's so cool that people still love it to this day. I love the fact that kids that are super, super young, 5 years old, are having Good Burger-themed birthday parties. It's so cool that family members, like kids that watched it in the '90s, are now parents. And they can enjoy this movie with their kids. That's so cool, man. So cool."

The actor then went on to recall creating the character of Ed and how he originally turned up in a completely different All That sketch. "Here's what's crazy. So I did the Ed voice in the audition. And it was just my take on a Valley kid. You know what I mean? Being from the south side of Chicago. So, me and my boys would do it all the time. We're like, 'Whoa, dude! Yeah. Cool!' And so, I did it in the room and then the writers took that and made this world. But first, to all of our fans, the first time Ed was ever shown was as a pizza guy. Right? And it was in a sketch called 'Dream Remote.' And Josh [Server, fellow All That cast member] could like forward, hit. He wanted something, he'll hit the remote and it happened really quickly. And so, he wanted pizza really quickly. So, he pressed the fast forward. Pizza guy that comes to the door goes, 'Well, dude, here's your pizza.' Only line in that sketch."


Mitchell continued, "And then they said, 'Yo! We got to take this and create a whole world with this voice,' and they created Good Burger. And I remember, because I come from theater, I felt like it needed to have like, where did he come from? How does he walk? And I kept doing this, 'Well, yeah, dude.' And I was like, 'He needs some hair to bob a little bit.' And I went into the makeup hair room and I saw this Milli Vanilli-like wig and I threw that on and ed was born, man. It was like, he was born. And it just looked so cool. And shout out to the producers for allowing me to do that. It just said, 'Hey, Kip. Yeah, do it. Yeah. Let's rock the wig! Let's rock the wig!'"