Emma Roberts Reveals 'Unfabulous' Throwback Photo With Miranda Cosgrove

Emma Roberts posted a throwback photo from her Unfabulous days last week with fellow Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove.

Roberts must have had a nostalgic holiday season judging by her Instagram post last Thursday. She posted an old picture from the days when she starred in the Nickelodeon musical dramedy Unfabulous, standing arm in arm with Drake and Josh star Miranda Cosgrove.

"Throwing it way back to #Nickelodeon days," Roberts wrote with an orange heart emoji. "Who was watching #Unfabulous?"

(Photo: Instagram / Emma Roberts)

In the picture, the two actresses were joined by Roberts' sister Grace Nickels. She and Roberts are linked through their mother, who remarried to musician Kelly Nickels after divorcing actor Eric Roberts.

"Nickelodeon's off camera eye candy," Nickels wrote when when she posted the same photo herself. She included another shot of Josh Peck lifting her up over his shoulder.

(Photo: Instagram @ggrace_nickels)

Unfabulous was a breakout role for Roberts, who wanted to be an actress ever since spending time on movie sets with her aunt, Julia Roberts. The show followed a teenage girl who wrote songs about the drama of her life in a suburban middle school.

Meanwhile, Cosgrove starred in the adjacent show Drake and Josh, which aired during the same period ('04-'07) as Unfabulous. She played the title characters' devilish younger sister before transitioning to star in her own show called iCarly.

Out of this pair of former child stars, Roberts is enjoying more mainstream success today. The actress was cast in several movies after her run on Nickelodeon, starring in some acclaimed indies and blockbuster hits. In 2013, she returned to TV in the cast of American Horror Story.


Roberts stayed in the horror world when she took a starring role in Fox's Scream Queens. She co-starred with Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele and others, helping to mock and pay tribute to the conventions of the genre and women's place in it.

Still, to many fans she will always be Addie Singer from Unfabulous. Luckily nostalgic fans can re-watch the whole show along with a host of other classic Nickelodeon series on Nick Splat, a streaming catalogue available through VRV.