Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade Posts Rare Photo With Boyfriend on Instagram

Hailie Jade Mathers, the daughter of rapper Eminem, shared a rare photo with her boyfriend, Evan McClintock, on Instagram Sunday. McClintock has the approval of at least one other Mathers family member, as Eminem's brother Nathan Mathers commented on Hailie Jade's post. Hailie Jade, 25, and McClintock have been dating for several years now, but her post this weekend was the first time McClintock appeared on Hailie Jade's Instagram page since December 2019.

"I rarely share my feed, but when I do, I'm happy it's with you," Hailie Jade wrote in the caption to the picture, which shows herself leaning on McClintock's shoulder. "My Homie Evan," Nathan commented on the post, adding a fire emoji. Other fans approved of McClintock. "Lucky guy!!" one person wrote. Many others made the same joke, suggesting that McClintock better behave himself or Eminem will rap about him. "He must be so afraid to do something wrong when being around her father," one fan wrote.

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Although Hailie Jade has over 2 million Instagram followers and is an influencer, she does not do too many interviews. She did speak with The Daily Mail back in 2018 after she graduated from college, and was already dating Evan for over two years at that point. A source close to Hailie Jade told the outlet at the time that her family welcomed Evan with open arms.

"Evan studied economics and is a keen golfer, there's a huge difference," the source said at the time. "Hailie's family have welcomed Evan, they are a fantastic young couple who love cozy nights in rather than hard partying. Hailie wanted to test the water by sharing some of her life on Instagram but is not yet ready to fully put herself out there. She enjoys keeping a low profile, walking her dog and going to fitness classes, hanging out with her friends, and holidaying with Evan."

Hailie Jade is the only biological child of Eminem and his ex-wife, Kim Scott. Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, also had custody of Alaina, 28, his sister-in-law Dawn's daughter; and Whitney, 19, Scott's daughter from a previous relationship. Eminem's 2017 album Revival included the song "Castle," which featured an apology to Hailie Jade for putting a spotlight on her during his difficult relationship with Scott and his personal struggles.


"I've said your name but always tried to hide your face. This game is crazy, I wanted to claim my love for you, but dang I never knew it'd be like this, if I did I wouldn't have done it," Eminem rapped in "Castle." "You ain't asked for none of this s—, now you're being punished? Things that should've been private with me and your mother is public. I can't stomach, they can take this fame back, I don't want it."