Eminem Apologizes to Daughter for Drug Addiction in His New Song

Eminem dropped his ninth studio album, Revival on Friday, and the Detroit rapper had plenty to say about current events, along with his struggles with fame, including drug addiction.

One of the most consistent themes of the album is Shady's references to his daughter Hailie, who is now a 21-year-old student at Michigan State.

Hailie was specifically mentioned in three songs — "Castle," "Arose" and "In Your Head."

"Castle" is framed as a series of annual letters addressed to his daughter, starting off with her being born while he deals with trying to provide for her while dealing with a rough relationship with her mother Kimberly Scott.

"I said your name but always tried to hide your face," Eminem said in the song. "This game is crazy, I wanted to claim my love for you but damn. I never knew it'd be like this. If I did, I wouldn't have done it. You ain't asked for none of this s---. Now you're being punished? Things that should've been private with me and your mother is public."

"Arose" is structured as Eminem playing a drug addict issuing Hailie a final apology on his death bed.

"Just heard they're unplugging me," Eminem said. "And it's your birthday. Jade I'm missing your birthday. Baby girl, I'm sorry.

"Smile pretty for pictures. Always cherish each other. I'll always love ya. And I'll be in the back of your memory. And I know you'll never forget me. Just don't get sad when remembering."

Eminem finishes the song by saying his family is what helped him overcome addiction.

"Consider the last four minutes as the song I'd have sent to my daughters if I'd have made it to the hospital less than two hours later. But I fought it."

Eminem mentions Hailie Jade once again in "In Your Head," saying he regrets making the subject of so many of his early songs.


"Maybe I shoulda, did a better job at separating Shady," Eminem said.

Revival is available for digital download now.