Emily Ratajkowski Shimmies in New Leopard Print Bikini Video

Emily Ratajkowski is soaking up some sun and shimmying in a leopard print bikini in a new video [...]

Emily Ratajkowski is soaking up some sun and shimmying in a leopard print bikini in a new video shared to her Instagram.

In the clip, the 27-year-old model can be seen standing under a bright blue sky while the wind whips her hair back and forth.

As she poses for the camera, she shimmies to some music and leans over to flash a smile.

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A number of Ratajkowski's followers have commented on the post, with one saying she is "stunning" and another gushing, "The universe is shaken by women like you with clear ideas and powerful intellect!"

While modeling is how Ratajkowski got her start in the entertainment business, she has recently began making a transition to acting, having appeared in such films as Gone Girl, We Are Your Friends, and 2018's Amy Schumer-starring I Feel Pretty.

During an April 2018 interview with Fashion Magazine, Ratajkowski opened up about her role in the film and what drew her to it.

"Amy and I have a friendship and are mutual supporters of each other. I think we have a lot of the same ideas about life and women. Maybe we come at it from different angles, but we've always seen eye to eye on those things," she explained. "So when she sent me the script, I was really excited to work on it with her. Because this really does have a special, cool message. And comedy, especially in the times we're living in, is kind of an amazing opportunity to tell truths that are maybe harder to do in a dramatic way."

She also spoke about modeling life and specifically addressed the kinds of stereotypes she's faced, which includes both romantic relationships and relationships with other women.

"First of all, I always like to say that women in general are always pigeonholed by the way they look, no matter how they look," Ratajkowski said. "It's not really about being good looking, it's a symptom of sexism that women tend to be judged more than men based on their attractiveness. It's just a bad situation.

"I've learned that the less I care what people think of me—as trite and obvious as this sounds—the more I've succeeded in personal relationships and in my career," she added. "People don't really care about you. They mostly care about themselves and how you make them feel. The more you stop showing them that you're overly concerned with yourself, they like you more."

"Especially with women; the minute you say, 'listen, I really don't care that men find me or you attractive, I just like you and see you as a person and not as a threat.' It breaks down those boundaries," she continued. "But it sucks that you have to make a conscious effort to try to do that."

Next up, fans can catch the budding actress in Welcome Home, a home-invasion thriller co-staring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. That film is currently scheduled to be released sometime in 2018.