Emily Ratajkowski Poses in Low-Cut Dress While out to Dinner in Paris

Emily Ratajkowski turned heads in Paris on Friday where she wore a low-cut dress to a swanky dinner engagement.

Ratajkowski looked effortlessly stunning in the photos which she posted on her Instagram. The model wore a patterned dress with a plunging neck line and three-quarter length sleeves. She added a golden wrist watch and wore a sheen of pale lipstick. Her hair had a tousled look, and many fans dropped into the comment section to compliment her bangs.

(Photo: Instagram @emrata)

"Am I French yet?" Ratajkowski captioned one of the pictures. It showed her in a shadowy restaurant with an ashtray on the table in front of her. Two half-smoked cigarettes were placed in the dish, and a pack lay on the table, its plastic wrap sprawling across the table cloth. A pack of matches was just barely visible.

In another photo, Ratajkowski held two dishes apathetically in front of herself. "EmRata x BurRata," she wrote.

(Photo: Instagram @emrata)

Ratajkowski appeared in her second major film earlier this year as the enviable friend of Amy Schumer in I Feel Pretty. The movie centers around Rene (Schumer)'s quest for true confidence and self-love. She meets Mallory (Ratajkowski) at the gym, and holds her up as the epitome of beauty. However, the story goes on to show that everyone has their insecurities, even a super model like Ratajkowski.

The model is finding more and more work in the acting world. Last week, In Darkness was released. Ratajkowsi co-stars with Natalie Dormer and Ed Skrein in the highly anticipated thriller.

According to her IMDb page, Ratajkowski has at last three more projects coming out in 2018. Another TV movie is expected sometime soon, and it looks like the 26-year-old has nowhere to go but up.

Ratajkowski has come a long way from the model in Robin Thicke's music video for "Blurred Lines". The role made her a break-out star, and now she has become an omnipresent figure in pop culture. She is especially popular on social media, where she has nearly 18 million followers.


The true mark of Ratajkowski's influence came last month, when many fans say Kendall Jenner tried to mimic her appearance. Jenner, who is a model in her own right and a famous reality star, seemed to channel Ratajkowski in an Instagram photo back in May.

She covered herself with just a towel and stared through her eyelashes as she gave a seductive look at the camera. Many fans dropped comments accusing Jenner of copying Ratajkowski, though neither of them seemed to mind.