Ellen DeGeneres Video Shaming Fan's Gift Resurfaces Amid Investigation Into Backstage Misconduct

As the investigation into The Ellen DeGeneres Show continues, videos also continue to resurface of the comedian. One clip that seemed to go viral recently was when DeGeneres called one of her audience members out for taking more items from a free gift table than she was supposed to, which fans were not happy about. However, another video has come to light of DeGeneres joking about fans' bad gifts.

In the video, DeGeneres asked fans to send in their bad gifts from either friends or family members to the show, and then reviewed a few of them during one of her segments. One gift she opened was a row of odd-smelling perfumes. The viewer who sent it in said she receives perfume every year from her aunt, however, she can't see very well and sent her a few scents that she had no interest in ever wearing. Another gift was a framed acrostic of the word Facebook. DeGeneres poked fun at TJ Maxx — where the gift came from — for selling such an item. As the audience laughed, the last gift was sent by someone named "JB" who sent in a painting of DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi; however, she found the photo rather creepy.

The 62-year-old has been a huge topic of discussion recently ever since she was accused of creating a toxic work environment on set for show employees. After several current and former employees came forward to complain about the work conditions while working for DeGeneres, the popular daytime show has become the subject of an investigation by WarnerMedia. WarnerMedia's employee relations group and a third party firm will reportedly work together to investigate the situation, as well as the behavior of the popular host.


Together, they're expecting to interview staff members about their current and former experiences on set and will be done in an environment where employees can "flourish" according to a source who is familiar with the memo that was sent to staffers. Since these recent allegations, she was also accused of trying to get a server suspended at a local Los Angles restaurant because of the waitress's chipped nail polish. Chris Farah, who is now a comedian herself, recalls the time she served DeGeneres and her wife. While she remembered it going well, apparently DeGeneres tried to get her suspended from Real Food Daily because of her nails. Farah says she ended up quitting instead.