'Ellen DeGeneres Show' Employees 'Loving' That Claims Are Coming Out

She's the woman who won America's heart over in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, but these days, Ellen DeGeneres isn't so much a fan-favorite after all. In every episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comedian encourages her viewers to spread love and be kind to one another; however, recent claims state she isn't such a kind person herself. One source is coming forward saying that her show staff is actually thrilled the claims are surfacing.

"They've been calling and texting each other about the story," an insider connected to the show revealed to Us Weekly. "They're loving that the truth — which has been an open secret for years in the industry — is finally receiving more interest." In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, celebrity brand expert, Eric Schiffer, claims DeGeneres has been "running a giant fraud."

"Ellen has been running a giant fraud and positioning herself as a compassionate, sweet celebrity. The facts that are revealed with those behind the scenes in Hollywood and people I know in her circle, show her to be inconsistent with how she wants the public to believe she is," Schiffer explained.

According to one source who spoke with Us Weekly, employees must sign nondisclosure agreements that restrict them from saying anything, even if it's to shed light on the show or DeGeneres. "You can't say anything, even nice things," the source confessed. "Even if you get fired, even years after you've left." Since 2020 started, several have come forward about working for the 62-year-old, and in a recent BuzzFeed article, 10 former staff members said they faced racism, fear and intimidation while working there. In response, executive producers Ed Glavin, Mary Connelly and Andy Lassner created a joint statement saying, "We are truly heartbroken and sorry to learn that even one person in our production family has had a negative experience," adding they "have strived to create an open, safe and inclusive work environment."


Fans can't help but wonder why DeGeneres hasn't come out to defend herself, but according to Schiffer, bearing no affiliation or accord of said statements to PopCulture.com, "One of the rules of crisis management is, 'Don't tell an untruth,' and for her to come out and deny it would be an untruth." Since such recent claims, DeGeneres' show ratings have not suffered thus far, and fans are interested to see when she might break her silence.