Eric Schiffer, Celebrity Brand Expert, Explains Why Ellen DeGeneres Hasn't Responded to 'Cold' Rumors (Exclusive)

Amid allegations accusing Ellen DeGeneres as "cold" and "dehumanizing," many have wondered why the beloved talk show host is not defending herself. According to celebrity brand expert, Eric Schiffer, DeGeneres has not yet spoken out because "one of the rules of crisis management is, 'Don't tell an untruth' and for her to come out and deny it would be an untruth." Bearing no affiliation or accord of said statements to, Schiffer shares exclusively that the harsh things being said about DeGeneres are not only true according to "insiders" he knows, but how she has "one of the single biggest egos in Hollywood."

That is a lot to digest for those long-running fans of the Finding Dory star, especially when considering she's a vibrant personality encouraging her audiences to spread kindness by reminding them in every episode on her eponymous talk show. However, Schiffer feels the coronavirus pandemic has shed light on who the comedian really is behind closed doors, admitting it's the "worst thing to have ever happened" to the 62-year-old. "It revealed who she is to the world, first through how she treated her staff and eviscerating them from the payroll of, in most cases, during a time in which people could barely pay the rent if they didn't have a position; and two, many leaked and let the truth out who had been holding back. [...] It allowed others to feel emboldened and free to speak the truth about the Ellen DeGeneres that they see, which is the single biggest phony in the history of modern Hollywood."

Despite the mounting accusations, DeGeneres' show is seemingly left unaffected, ratings wise. However, one source came to her defense telling Us Weekly that it would take more than a bodyguard or blogger to change how people feel about her, referring to allegations made by Tom Majercak who was hired to protect her for the 2014 Oscars, and YouTube star, Nikkie de Jager who was interviewed by DeGeneres in January — both claiming sour experiences with the star. "One of the things that Ellen had going for her brand was that she seemed sincere and down to earth and heartfelt," Schiffer explained. "Because authenticity is the coin of the realm in terms of connection with fans and with an audience."

As far as how her team might be handling the situation, Schiffer thinks they're "hoping that people will lose interest and focus, instead on the virus," however, boldly stated that the COVID-19 virus is "not going to save her in this situation" as the the press and insiders are continuing to "escalate and move the story forward, and that will create more pain for her brand." Suggesting what she could say if she were to come out and address the rumors, Schiffer shares with PopCulture exactly what would come off more personable and reaffirm her character. "'I've had moments where I wasn't the best or I didn't treat people the best, or I've had bad days, and I own that. I want to do something about it. I'm really working on it, and I care about my staff, I made a bad mistake in letting people go during this period [and] I'm trying to make that right.'"

As he continued to throw out ideas that would claim she's been "humbled" and that the speculation has now "taught" her a lot on how to handle the situation, he adds that kind of "admission" could "go a long way" with people. While DeGeneres has yet to comment on any of the rumors, Schiffer did feel confident enough to say "there's more to come" insinuating to fans that this may not be the end of what everyone is hearing. Instead, adding how he suspects viewers will see "her star continue to get hammered because of her character, that might get arrested, but it's going to require her to look in the mirror and to decide to humble herself."


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