Ellen DeGeneres Plastic Surgery Rumor Surfaces, But Here's Why It's Highly Unlikely

A rumor that Ellen DeGeneres had plastic surgery surfaced in a tabloid last month, but it is not true. The rumor, published in Globe, claimed the stress of the workplace environment scandal that erupted over the summer was having an "ugly impact" on DeGeneres and she needed plastic surgery to cover it up. DeGeneres returned to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Sept. 21, addressing the scandal in her opening monologue and noting that changes have been made behind the scenes.

The Globe report quoted a source who claimed DeGeneres' stress "shows in the bags under her eyes, the saggy cheeks, and jaw." The source said the comedian was "breaking out something terrible, and her skin looks blotchy from all the stress she's been under. Even with makeup on, she looks haggard." She then allegedly booked appointments with dermatologists and surgeons, "demanding Botox fillers, a facelift and eye-lift, surgery to tighten her neck, and microdermabrasion." The source claimed DeGeneres will spare no expense for the surgeries.

GossipCop rated the new story as completely false, especially since Globe has peddled this kind of story before. Back in 2018, the tabloid claimed DeGeneres was planning to spend $1 million on plastic surgery to save her marriage with actress Portia de Rossi. Following that report, GossipCop spoke with a source close to DeGeneres who "laughed off the report."

The new report also repeats the claims that DeGeneres is under stress because her marriage to de Rossi is "floundering" and DeGeneres' "diva behavior is to blame." This is a favorite claim for tabloids in stories about DeGeneres. In May, GossipCop debunked an NW claim that de Rossi moved to their home in Montecito, California, without DeGeneres because they were "having problems." The source claimed they were arguing over DeGeneres' decision to continue hosting her show. After that report was published, de Rossi shared Instagram videos showing DeGeneres, putting those rumors to rest quickly.


DeGeneres returned to television on Sept. 21 to kick off the new season of Ellen. She addressed the workplace scandal at the beginning. "I learned that things happened here that never should have happened," she said. "I take that very seriously, and I want to say I am so sorry to the people that were affected." After an investigation into the show, three senior producers were fired and DJ Stephen "tWitch" Boss was promoted to executive producer. The premiere had a 1.9 household rating, even with the 2019-2020 season premiere.