Elizabeth Hurley Goes Black-and-White in Latest Swimwear Ad

Elizabeth Hurley posted more bikini photos on Thursday, this time choosing to go black and white to highlight her swimwear line.

elizabeth hurley blue bikini instagram photo
(Photo: Instagram / Elizabeth Hurley)

The 52-year-old Hurley posted a two-photo gallery on her Elizabeth Hurley Beach line's Instagram page. The first shows her in black and white with an aqua-colored bikini trop. In a second photo, she is seen at the beach with the waves crashing behind her, while wearing a red bikini.

elizabeth hurley red bikini instagram photo
(Photo: Instagram / Elizabeth Hurley)

She has shared both photos in the past, albeit in full color. The red bikini one is a screenshot from a video she posted in October 2017.

"Colour splash... Swipe along xx," Hurley wrote. She added the hashtag #ElizabethHurleyBeach to promote the line. The Elizabeth Hurley Beach bikinis are available from the actress' website, and run between $160 to $242.

Hurley recently revealed to the U.K. Sun that many of the bikini photos seen on her Instagram page were taken by her son, 15-year-old Damian Hurley.

"[Damian] definitely takes some, but I do have other friends that I can torture for some too," Hurley revealed. However, Hurley took the topless selfie she posted on Feb. 12 by herself.

Hurley's bikini photos have built a fanbase themselves, with over 841,000 Instagram users following her account. The Elizabeth Hurley Beach account has 124,000 followers.

Last week, Hurley also starred in a new ad for The Royals, which returns for a fourth season on March 11 at 10 p.m. ET on E! Network.

"Happy Presidents' Day, America. And speaking of your president, I'd like to dispel some fake news out there about his recent visit to our side of the pond," Hurley said, playing her Queen Helena character. "Like this: that his hands were too small to open the doors of Buckingham Palace. Or that I had to throw away all of his bed sheets because of his spray tan. I would hate for anyone to think that any of these are true. Or these..."

She then held up fake tabloids with headlines mocking President Donald Trump, including one that read "The wrong man for the knob."

"That he threw a temper tantrum when he realized my face is on money and his isn't. That he thinks Mexico paid for Stonehenge," the fictional Queen said, listing rumors. "So please, don't share these stories with everyone you know. After all, that's how rumors get started."

Hurley was previously married to Arun Nayar from 2007 to 2011. She was also in a relationship with Hugh Grant from 1987 to 2000. She dated Damian's father, Steve Bing, in 2001 and was also with Shane Warne from 2010 to 2013.

In an October 2017 interview with You Magazine, Hurley said she was done dating.

"When I'm filming, I don't go out at all. Not at all. I walk in the door and go straight to bed," the actress said.

Hurley also said she has a good relationship with her exes.


"The thing is if someone's lovely how could you not be on good terms with them? None of us has ever done anything bad to one another. Hugh and Arun are very important in our lives. Shane is still a good friend; we were texting each other last night," Hurley told You Magazine. "Damian loves Shane's three kids, so we'll always be connected to each other in one way or another."

Photo Credit: Instagram / Elizabeth Hurley Beach