Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Jokes About Having 'Guns' After Getting Pulled Over

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had some fun with a police officer. The former WWE Champion went to social media on Wednesday to share a video of an interception with police outside an XFL stadium, where he was asked to stop and unlock the doors for a routine security check. The officer asked Johnson to put the car in park to make sure the doors are unlocked. That's when Johnson came up with a funny response. 

"I can, and I got a lot of guns in here," Johnson says, before quickly bicep flexing with both arms and adding, "These kind." The officers laughed and Johnson added, "There's always room for a cheesy joke, I know. You're welcome." And in the caption, Johnson wrote, "Absolutely horrible joke, but impeccable timing. You're welcome. XFL game day rollin' up to the stadium. All love, gratitude and respect for our men and women keeping us all safe."

Johnson, his ex-wife and business partner Dany Garcia and RedBird Captial teamed up to purchase the XFL in 2020. The league kicked off its season last weekend, and Johnson shared multiple posts about the weekend on social media. "Man we're grateful to feel the electricity from our XFL fans – thank you!!!" Johnson wrote in the post that shows him, Garcia and the RedBird Capital founder at an XFL game.

"Myself and my XFL co-owners, Gerry Cardinale, founder of Red Bird Capital and our XFL Chairwoman,[Dany Garcia]. 3 years ago, the three of us partnered up to buy the XFL because we believed deeply and respectfully in growing the game of professional football. This past weekend, we officially kicked off our season! The league of grit, passion, opportunity & second chances. The underdogs. Enjoy the season on [ESPN] and [ABC]."

And before the XFL season officially began, the Black Adam star gave an inspiring speech to the players. "When they told you that the dream was over – but here's the truth: Your dream is just beginning," he said, per Fox News. "Because what you're gonna do, you're gonna come out on this field, and you're gonna line up, and you're gonna show the world what it's like to be truly hungry with that chip on your shoulder. I know, because I got that same chip. And we're here because the X of the XFL represents the intersection of dreams and opportunity. You bring the dreams, we brought the opportunity."