Drew Barrymore Shares Her Dating App Profile Photo

Drew Barrymore is looking for a little help with her dating profile! The daytime host, 47, asked guests Tony Dokoupil and Nate Burleson for their opinion on her dating app photo during Monday's episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, admitting she needs a little guidance when it comes to online romance.

"I was excited to ask you guys because you're both straight men and I don't have a lot of those in my life. I am gay adjacent 24/7," Barrymore joked. "Can I show you guys the picture that I have on my dating app?" Barrymore then pulled up the photo of herself smiling in her bathroom that she uses on her dating app to glowing reviews.

"Look, I'm an unfrozen caveman when it comes to dating, I don't understand modern dating, I've been married for a million years, but if I saw that picture I would 100%, I'm swiping right," Dokoupil said upon seeing the photo. "I'm thunder swiping right," Burleson added of Barrymore's fresh-faced selfie.

Barrymore has been open about her dating life throughout the years, even inviting ex-boyfriend Justin Long onto her show last month to talk about their "hedonistic" relationship, which was on and off from 2007 to 2010. "I love that we maintained our love, because, I know from my end, it will never go anywhere," Long told Barrymore. "I'll love you always. I'm glad we're still able to have that."

Barrymore responded through tears, "I will always love you so much. You are so important to me. I feel like we've been through so much together, too. I feel like, when we used to talk and FaceTime, I was always like, 'You know I've really grown up, Justin.' I always wanted to prove to you what a different person I was from when we dated."


The two exes agreed that they will always have love for one another, even as Long moves forward in his relationship with Kate Bosworth. "I'm just so happy because you deserve to be happy. I'm so thrilled for you," Barrymore told Long, who assured her that Bosworth "adores" her. "She is the most supportive, most wonderful. You would love hanging out with her," he said.