Don Johnson's Lookalike Son Jesse Has Fans Calling for a 'Miami Vice' Reboot

Don Johnson's son Jesse Johnson looks so much like his dad that some of his Instagram followers are calling for a Miami Vice reboot featuring the 36-year-old Twin Peaks: The Return actor. In a photo shared last month, Jesse sits atop a table next to friend Kate Brien, looking up at the camera from his cellphone.

"Texts from last night," Jesse captioned the photo as a hashtag, tagging Brien and Emily Knecht, who took the photo.

The photo garnered plenty of comments from his 27,000 followers, with many commenting on the physical similarities to his legendary actor father.

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"Your (sic) a clone of your dad," one user wrote.

"Wow you look exactly like dad right here," another said.

"Wow! Really looking like your amazingly handsome dad!" someone wrote.

"Awesome capture! For a second I thought it was a picture of your Dad. Great genes!" someone else said.

"I REALLY thought I was looking at Don Johnson," another said.

"Only me thinking miami vice reboot would be in safe hands if crockett Jr was involved," another wrote.

Others had more detailed plans for what they want a reboot to look like. "We need a reboot of Miami Vice the tv series, where you act like a son of Sonny Crockett 'Billy' and work as undercover detective in the actual Miami department, with your partner, the son of Ricardo Tubbs. With [Miami Vice stars Don Johnson] and [Philip Michael Thomas] work as lieutenants! Will be a great success!"

Fans wanting to see more of Don Johnson are in luck. Although it's not a Miami Vice reboot, The Hollywood Reporter said this summer that the 69-year-old is set to star in a Nash Bridges revival, 18 years after CBS aired the final episode.

The revival will take shape as a two-hour TV special on USA Network, according to THR. Sources told the publication that while the project is in its early stages, IP owner Village Roadshow is hopeful that the special will serve as a back-door pilot for some sort of larger drama series.


Johnson will reportedly reprise his role running San Fransisco's Special Investigation Unite circa 2020, where he's "confronting a changing city, a new boss and a world in which police work focuses on modern data-crunching and predictive policing. Although the world around him has changed, Nash hasn't."

Photo credit: Steve Granitz / Contributor / Getty