D.L. Hughley Says He Spread Coronavirus to His Radio Show Team Before Diagnosis

Comedian D.L. Hughley said he believes he spread the coronavirus to his radio show team before he got back his positive test. Hughley collapsed on stage at Zanies in Nashville on June 19 while hosting a virtual telethon event. He was rushed to a local hospital where he underwent several tests, including a coronavirus test, which came up positive. Hughley said he was surprised by the results since he was not showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 before he collapsed.

Hughley spoke with TMZ on Wednesday and said he has mostly recovered from the coronavirus and was in his last days of quarantine. Hughley said he believes he contracted the virus while performing in Dallas the week before. "I believe that's where I got it because I got back that Monday," he said. "That Tuesday I've gone to... do the radio show and then I did the TV show on Wednesday, and then I flew out, did the thing in Nashville." He said everyone who was at the radio show who did not wear a face mask has the coronavirus, including his son. His daughter wore a mask the entire time and she does not have it, according to the comedian. "I'm a regular Typhoid Mary," Hughley said.

Almost two weeks after testing positive, Hughley said he has no cough, no fever, and has not had trouble breathing. He has even been running five miles a day for the past week. "I'm feeling great, but it just did make me feel horrible" that he unknowingly spread the virus, Hughley said. After this first-hand experience, Hughley called for a "uniform approach" to the coronavirus and said everyone should be tested and wear a face mask.

The former CNN host was scheduled to perform several shows at Zanies the weekend he collapsed, with the Saturday night show as part of a Juneteenth virtual fundraiser. During the event, he began slurring his words. When he suddenly stopped talking, one of his security guards rushed to the stage to help him. Hughley passed out in the man's arms, and other members of his security helped him off.

At first, his representative said Hughley was "suffering from exhaustion after all the week's work and travel" and stayed overnight at the hospital. Hughley later took to Twitter to share a video, where he revealed he tested positive for the coronavirus and he planned to quarantine for two weeks in Nashville hotel. "In addition to all the other stuff you have to look out for, if your a— passes out in the middle of a show on stage, you probably need to get tested," Hughley said in his Twitter video.