D.L. Hughley Passes out Onstage During Zanies Nashville Performance

Comedian D.L. Hughley gave his fans a scare on Friday during his latest stand-up performance. In videos captured by those in attendance, Hughley appeared to pass out in the middle of his routine at Zanies in Nashville. His performance was a part of a Juneteenth virtual fundraiser that the comedian was hosting.

On Twitter, multiple users posted videos from the frightening scene in question. In those videos, Hughley can be seen sitting on a stool on stage. At one point, he can be heard saying something unintelligible as he begins to slur his words. Hughley then stops speaking, which prompted a man on his team to become concerned. The man then can be seen walking onto the stage to grab Hughley as the comedian passes out in his arms. Hughley then appears to faint as several members of his team try to help him get off the stage. Video of the scary incident has since gone viral online, which has caused many to worry about Hughley's well-being.

While neither Hughley nor his team have spoken out publicly following the incident as of the time of the article's publication, a fellow comic, Jay Washington, has taken to Twitter to shed some light on this situation. Washington wrote that he had been in contact with someone who is close to Hughley. According to his contact, Hughley is doing fine after this incident. Additionally, DJ Vlad, the CEO of VladTV.com wrote on Twitter that he had just spoken to the comedian and that he is "okay."

Hughley's set was a part of a virtual fundraiser that he was hosting in honor of Juneteenth, which fell on Friday. According to Billboard, the event not only promoted the message of Black empowerment and education but it also raised money to help combat the spread of the coronavirus. The event featured appearances from Anthony Anderson, Master P, TLC, Snoop Dogg, and a slew of other celebrities. Hughley's "Juneteenth Social Awareness-Thon," as it was so dubbed, raised money for Master Growers' "Clean Hands for All" mission that helps deliver bottles of hand sanitizer to inner cities. Garnett March and Glen March MD, the founders of Master Growers, said in a statement about this event, "We just can't sit on our hands and watch our communities suffer. Health and safety shouldn't differentiate based on color or economic status. "Clean Hands For All” is our motto, and we're going to do our very best to hold true to that."