Dictionary.com Shades Forbes Cover of Kylie Jenner

The folks at Dictionary.com took to Twitter on Wednesday to remind Forbes and Kylie Jenner what [...]

The folks at Dictionary.com took to Twitter on Wednesday to remind Forbes and Kylie Jenner what "self-made" truly means.

The Dictionary.com Twitter account has gone viral a few times recently for getting precise with definitions when stories in the news require it. On Wednesday morning, Forbes published their August cover reading "America's Women Billionaires," along with a story about Kylie Jenner's incredible fortune.

"$900 Million cosmetic queen Kylie Jenner," it read. "At 21, she's set to be the youngest-ever self-made billionaire. Welcome to the era of extreme fame leverage."

For the person who runs the Dictionary.com account, this apparently was too loose of a definition of "self-made."

"Self-made means having succeeded in life unaided," they tweeted. "Used in a sentence: Forbes says that Kylie Jenner is a self-made woman."

The subtle dig quickly racked up nearly 7,000 retweets and nearly 15,000 likes. However, it also angered the hornet's nest of Kardashianites online, who rushed to Jenner's defense in the replies below.

"This is uncalled for, seriously. And I'm not a Kylie fan but look up 'salty,' where you work, and have a seat," replied one user. "You could do what she did if you put all the energy into your personal dreams that you put into criticizing people you don't know."

"I get what you're saying but if her parent's worked hard to give their kids an amazing life and she chose not to waste it that isn't something to be mad about," someone added. "The struggle adds honor but not everyone has to come through a struggle to validate their accomplishments."

As always, there was no shortage of people ready with the rebuttal, and the majority seemed to agree with Dictionary.com's assessment.

"It's not being mad or hating," chimed in another. "It's a bad term. She isn't self-made by literal definition of the term."

Of course, plenty stopped by the replies just to congratulate the dictionary account on a great burn.

"My favorite part of the simulation is when the dictionary starts throwing top shelf shade," one person wrote.

The Forbes cover story focuses on Jenner's incredible success with her Kylie Cosmetics brand. It paints her as a young entrepreneur who built built a lot out of a little. To the people on Twitter, however, a massive reality TV empire and a squad of already-famous family members is not a small opportunity, and Jenner was all but destined to succeed.

The article does not shy away from this either, however. It playfully refers to the family as the "Kardashian-Jenner industrial complex," and sums up Jenner's work in make-up by comparing it to her elder sister's legacy.

"What her half-sister Kim Kardashian West did for booty, Jenner has done for full lips," it reads.

The August issue of Forbes is available now.