Diane Kruger Clears up Rumors After Posting Photo of Possible Injury

Diane Kruger had to assure friends and fans that she did not suffer an eye injury recently. Earlier this week, the National Treasure star shared a photo of her eyes, one looking dilated and the other looking bruised. Some armchair doctors thought they knew exactly what condition she had, but it turned out there was nothing wrong.

At first, Kruger, 46, only had "Ummm" and a magnifying glass emoji in the caption. She later realized a longer caption may be appropriate. "Friends texting asking me if I was ok made me realize I should clarify...it's for a scene!! All good," she wrote. "But thank YOU for being concerned." Kruger included a heart emoji at the end.

It's unclear what project required Kruger to change the look of her eyes, but it's not the upcoming National Treasure series. Although she starred in both National Treasure movies, she is not returning for Disney+'s National Treasure: Edge of History. Harvey Keitel and Justin Bartha are the only actors from the movies returning. Even Nicolas Cage was too busy to participate.

Kruger was last seen in theaters in The 355 and starred in the Roku original series Swimming With Sharks. She also starred in A.J. Edwards' First Love. She recently finished filming Out of the Blue, which opens on Aug. 26, and Damian Bichir's A Circus Story & A Love Song, which is expected later this year. Her other upcoming projects include Marlowe, Joika, and Butterfly in the Typewriter.

Kruger's Instagram posts don't usually solicit worry. Usually, fans enjoy seeing the very limited look at her life with fiance Norman Reedus and their daughter, Nova, that Kruter offers. Back on July 17, she shared photos from her 46th birthday party, one of which included Nova. Like many celebrities working hard to ensure their children's privacy, Reedus and Kruger made sure not to show their daughter's face.

In late July, Reedus and Kruger took Nova to Disneyland Paris and posted a few photos from the trip. One adorable photo showed Reedus carrying Nova on his shoulders while another showed Kruger cuddling with her on the floor of an airport.

"[Nova] was a surprise. I thought it wasn't going to happen, and she came into my life when I was ready," Kruger told PEOPLE in May when promoting her upcoming children's book A Name from the Sky. "I'm grateful that happened for me and our family. She's changed my world and the way I look at everything."