Diane Kruger Shares Rare Update With Her and Norman Reedus' Daughter

Diane Kruger has shared a rare update on her daughter that she shares with The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. In a post on Instagram, Kruger revealed photos from her small 46th birthday celebration with her family. "Getting older has never been sweeter," Kruger wrote in the post caption. "Thank you for all the birthday wishes."

In the first post image, the actress is seen blowing out candles on some delicious-looking pastries while her fiancé stands in the background, and in the second photo she is seen in a group hug with her 3-year-old daughter, Nova Tennessee. Kruger and Reedus met on the set of their 2015 film Sky. Two years later, in March 2017, they went public with their relationship. Then, in November 2018, they welcomed their daughter. Most recently, in August 2021, it was reported that the couple are engaged to be married.

Later this year, Kruger will release her new children's book, A Name From The Sky. Ahead of the publication, she spoke with People and revealed the meaning behind Nova Tennessee's name. "I had her late in life at 42, and [Norman] had a child when he was much younger," she explained. "'Nova' in Latin means new beginning, and a nova star keeps changing and is reborn. And we love Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains; we do motorcycle trips there."

The Inglorious Bastards star went on to share that being a mother has helped her see life from while new perspective. "So many things at my age, you've done a thousand times, but just seeing it through her eyes again," she said, gushing over how Nova brings opportunities to comprehend the world in fresh ways. "Whether it's having ice cream for the first time or seeing snow for the first time there's just something so refreshing and simple about that life as mother and daughter that I've just found magnificent."


The actress also opened up about learning she was going to be a mom and shared that it was not a journey she'd anticipated at that point in her life. "[Nova] was a surprise," Kruger explained. "I thought it wasn't going to happen, and she came into my life when I was ready. I'm grateful that happened for me and our family. She's changed my world and the way I look at everything."