Demi Lovato Reveals First Instagram Photo Since Overdose

Demi Lovato's first post after rehab was a patriotic one, as the singer stepped out to vote in the midterm elections on Tuesday.

Lovato posed for a snapshot at her local polling location on Tuesday, in her first Instagram post since August. She stood before the lamp-lit enclosure, ballot in hand, smiling over her shoulder at the camera.

"I am so grateful to be home in time to vote!" she wrote in the caption. "One vote can make a difference, so make sure your voice is heard! now go out and #VOTE!!!!"

Lovato wore a denim jacket and black pants in the new photo. Her hair was dyed a deep black and hung down over one shoulder, far from the high-lit blond of her last post.

(Photo: Instagram @demilovato)

Fans were ecstatic to see Lovato up and about, and posting for herself. The singer has been back in the headlines recently as her mother has given a series of interviews, and she was spotted in Beverly Hills by paparazzi photographers. While those updates were met with glee, posts directly from Lovato cause an outcry among her most dedicated fans, the so-called "Lovatics."

"Beyond happy to see you're doing well beautiful!" one person commented. "We missed you!"

"You look so beautiful and healthy," wrote another with several red heart emojis. "Welcome back girl."

"Nothing in this world can bring you peace like coming home," remarked a third fan. "We're so glad you're here, you brave, courageous soul!!!!!"

"As a fan of you I hope your okay and feeling better," someone else added.

Lovato suffered a drug overdose back in August that was nearly fatal. The singer was found unresponsive in her California home by an assistant, who immediately called for an ambulance. Thanks to Narcan and immediate treatment, her life was saved, and she immediately entered a 90-day rehab program. Three months later, she is back in the public eye.


Since emerging from treatment, Lovato's friends say her first and only focus is her health and sobriety. Sources close to the singer told The Blast that she is "trying to live a healthy life and concentrate on remaining sober following her 90-day stint in rehab."

Lovato has been seen at a luxury spa and some high-end restaurants since she left rehab. According to TMZ, she is spending time with a friend named Henry Levy, whom she was photographed with getting sushi this weekend. Lovato has a history of substance abuse, mental health issues and eating disorders, all of which she has addressed in her work and in public interviews.