Demi Lovato Recreates Hilarious Childhood Photo From Her Early Career

Demi Lovato has shared a major throwback photo from her pre-Disney Channel on Instagram and even recreated it for her fans.

Throwback!! 😝

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The photo, which was uploaded Monday evening, shows Lovato holding up a childhood CD that features herself in the inner sleeve and inside the case.

The left photo shows a young Lovato striking a pose in a simple black-and-white photo. However, the second shot is where things get hilarious.

The right photo sees Lovato as cool as can be, at least by kid standards. She was wearing a trendy watch and bracelets and is posing with a duck face. He's also pulling down some round sunglasses that clearly make the young singer/actress too cool for school.

Lovato recreates the cheesy pose by showing off her best duck face and simulating the sunglasses tip.

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The complete change in the nearly two decades since it was taken is fun to see, especially as the "Cool for the Summer" singer flashes one of her "Stay Strong" wrist tattoos.

She simply captioned the photo "Throwback!!" with a squinting laugh emoji.

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It's not quite sure where the childhood photos originate from. There's no record of Lovato releasing an album as a kid. Her first single, "Move Me," was released in 2008, but that still seems to be not early enough for the photos. Our best guess is that the CD case is either a fun mock-up, or it possibly held a demo or audition reel dating back to her time on Sonny With a Chance and Camp Rock.

Lovato uses social media to share fun pictures like this or sultry bikini photos. She also takes a serious tone now and again, as evident by her numerous body positivity posts.

She was often bullied as child, and later suffered from eating disorders and substance abuse. However, she uses her fame to give hope to those suffer from similar issues.