Demi Lovato's Apparent Overdose Not Backup Singer's Fault, Friends and Family Say

Demi Lovato was celebrating a backup dancer's birthday the night before her apparent overdose, but friends and family say the dancer had nothing to do with the singer's drug use.

According to The Blast, Dani Vitale has been a backup dancer and friend of Lovato's for almost a decade, and her family says that she has been the target of angry "Lovatics" ever since it was reported that the two had been hanging out prior to the singer being found unconscious.

Family of Vitale told the outlet that she is "far from a druggie," and added that Lovato does whatever she wants, including the decision to party hard the night before her overdose.

Vitale's family also said that she is a "health nut" and does not supply hardcore drugs to anyone. She is reportedly laying low in Los Angeles until she can get leave for a trip that was already scheduled.

As has been widely reported, Lovato was found unresponsive in her bed by an assistant on July 24. The assistant eventually called for emergency services after not being able to rouse the singer.

Paramedics on the scene reportedly treated Lovato with Narcan, which is used to treat drug overdose victims. There has been no confirmation on which substance may have caused Lovato's overdose, but heroin and methamphetamine have been cited in unconfirmed reports.

Lovato had recently released a new single titled "Sober" wherein she both admitted to falling prey to substance abuse again and apologized to her family, friends, and fans for her actions.

Entertainment Tonight recently re-shared 2008 interview they did with a then-15-year-old Lovato where she talked about how much "pressure" she dealt with.

"Being a role model, there's obviously the pressure of not making mistakes, but at the same time, I don't really want to be a role model because I'm 'perfect,'" the singer said. "I'd rather be a role model by helping people deal with their issues."

She eventually went on to talk about bullying and how she was planning to make it something she addressed through her position.


"Bullying was a really sensitive subject to me. And it's something that I went through, and now I want to be able to help someone else with it," she added. "You can be a role model by reaching out to people and saying, 'Hey, it's OK to not be [super thin],' or 'Hey, it's OK. You can make it through bullying.' "

Currently, Lovato remains hospitalized but will reportedly be checking into rehab after she is released.