David Spade Shares 'Glory Days' Throwback From NSFW Photo Shoot

Comedian David Spade was one of the top comedic talents of the '90s, and he revisited his glory days in a throwback photo from the era. A fan sent him a photo of his 1999 Rolling Stone cover story, and he had to share it.

"(I) went (through) an abandoned restaurant yesterday. Only thing worth salvaging was this 1999 copy of Rolling Stone magazine," wrote fan Chantae Renee.

In the cover photo, Spade is shown standing nude with superimposed legs of a Satyr, a mythical Greek creature that's half-man, half-goat. There's a nude woman to his left and a woman to his right with only some leaves and flowers covering her breasts and private areas.

Spade loved the blast from the past and shared it with a captioned that said it all.

"Glory days!" he wrote.


Spade's fanbase loved the photo, as well. Replies poured in about their memories of the magazine issue, their admiration for the look and the facts that Spade hasn't seemed to age too much in the years since.