David Blaine Stops Vegas Show to Have Dislocated Shoulder Popped Back Into Place

David Blaine recently had to stop one of his Las Vegas shows in order to have his dislocated shoulder popped back into place. A source who was allegedly present for the show spoke with TMZ and explained that it all started when the master illusionist executed a trick wherein he jumps from a "9-story scaffolding structure" into a foam pit below. However, this particular time something went awry and Blaine wound up injured.

According to the source, after the stunt, Blaine was noticeably in pain and seemed to know that he'd dislocated his shoulder. He tried to have some members of the stage crew help him, but they were unable to. At this point, Blaine decided to get creative and, like something out of a movie, asked if there were any doctors in the audience who could fix his shoulder. Thankfully, the medical professionals were able to get Blaine's shoulder popped back into place and, aside from a brief pause later in the show, everything continued on as usual.

Blaine is a world-class magician, illusionist, and endurance artist who has made a name for himself by attempting some very wild stunts, such as soaring into the sky on balloons. In a rare 2017 interview with Thought Economics, he opened up about his career and revealed how he first became interested in endurance performances. "I was born with my legs turned in and I had asthma, so as a kid I couldn't run very fast, but I realized that I could overcome certain challenges that others couldn't through endurance..." Blaine explained. 

"Even though I wasn't naturally quick, I was able to beat the fastest kids in my school in the mile run. Endurance is mind over body. It's about tapping into something within us that allows us to push further than we ever thought possible, especially at our weakest moments," he continued. "At the age of 6, I was on the swim team and because of my feet I was one of the slowest swimmers. I realized that if I could just swim and not have to turn my head to breathe, it would allow me to keep up with the other kids. Actually, I was no longer competing with the others, I was challenging myself."

Blanie went on to share, "I started to research magicians and discovered Houdini – he was an escape artist. I realized magic was what I wanted to do, and that my skill was endurance. My first stunt was to be buried alive for 7 days, my best friend (who is also a magician) said I should go in, sneak out, and come back at the end. I said 'no, it's just a week in a coffin. I can do that for real.' He didn't think it was possible but I realized it was simple... It was just lying there, not eating and keeping hydrated... I put a coffin in my living room, started to practice, and then I did it for real."