Dave Bautista Introduces New Member of His Family

Dave Bautista added a new puppy to his family last month and fans are living it. The actor posted five photos on Instagram on Valentine's Day introducing his new pitbull named Talulah, photographed alongside the three dogs he already has. He also wrote a lengthy caption about pet adoption, revealing that he was connected with Talulah through Chris Pratt and Millie Bobby Brown.

Bautista's post started with a photo of Talulah on his lap while he sat on a stoop with his three other dogs sitting beside him in a line. He wrote: "Hell all, I'd like you to meet the newest member of my Valentine's Day crew, Talulah Bautista!" Bautista thanked Pratt for introducing him to Brown, who in turn connected him with the pet adoption agency Joey's Friends. He wrote: "Thanks to Millie's love for rescue animals she made it all possible for me to adopt and give Talulah a forever home! I'm so grateful, thank you! Welcome to the family Talulah!"

Bautista got over a quarter-million likes on his post, which included four more pictures of Talulah getting acclimated to his home. Many of the top comments came from fellow actors and fellow animal lovers. His Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Karen Gillan left a heart-eyes emoji, while director James Gunn wrote "Awwwwww!!!"

Bautista is very open about his love of animals on social media. He posted a dramatic birthday video for them on Instagram in November, writing: "Home is where my dogs are." In December, he made another post about them writing: "Sheltered dogs don't mean they're damaged, it means humans have let them down. Rescued is my favorite breed."

The rescue organization Bautista plugged in his post shares his passion for adoption and rescue. Their website reads: "Our mission is to give our dogs a second chance at life. We take dogs out of our local shelters and foster them until they find their forever home. We promote confidence in our low self-esteem dogs. We leash-train our mischievous dogs. We crate-train them to give them security. We give them a schedule that is required, in order to make them feel safe and seen."

"Our dogs receive medical treatment for any issues they come in with and/or develop during their stay," the mission statement goes on. "We show them love and affection, which either has not been introduced to them at all, or not in the best way. We accommodate their needs while giving them the consistency they need and deserve."

Bautista is having a big year at the box office, and it's just getting started with Knock at the Cabin, which is showing now. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 premieres in May, and other releases coming this year include In the Lost Lands, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, Universe's Most Wanted and Dune: Part Two.