Danielle 'Bhad Bhabie' Bregoli Shows Off $40,000 New Smile On Video

Danielle Bregoli -- also known as rapper Bhad Bhabie, or the "Cash me Outside" girl -- reportedly shelled out a whole lot of money for a new set of teeth this last week.

Bregoli spent a whopping $40,000 on porcelain veneers for her teeth, according to a report by TMZ. The 15-year-old rapper got her fresh smile installed on Thursday, and debuted it on Friday in an Instagram video. It showed her smiling through a rap verse. In the caption, she shouted out her Beverly Hills, California dentist, Dr. Aamir Wahab.

"New year new music new teeth," Bregoli wrote. "[Thanks] to my favorite DDS bich @draamirwahab... u the f—in best dentist in the world."

Bregoli added the hashtag "baby face savage" to the post. Bregoli rose to fame after an appearance on Dr. Phil in September of 2016. She and her mother were interviewed for a segment called "I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime." In the course of discussing her behavior, Bregoli threatened the entire audience, saying with a thick affectation: "catch me outside, how about that?"

The catchphrase turned Bregoli into a meme, but she has kept the gravy train rolling. She is now a successful hip hop artist in her own right, and appears to do ads and product placement like other Instagram influencers. She shared a screenshot of TMZ's article about her teeth, giving another shout out to Dr. Wahab.

Bregoli reportedly spent two four-hour sessions in the dentist's chair getting the work done. In total, she needed 16 teeth crowned -- eight on the top row and eight on the bottom. She had crowding on her bottom teeth as well. When it was all said and done, Dr. Wahab posted a photo of his handy work on Instagram as well.

"@bhadbhabie stopped by for a new grill by Dr. Aamir Wahab," he wrote.


The teeth are not Bregoli's only self-improvement attempt. While she may have gotten famous for her youthful antics, the teen has done a lot of growing up since her session with Dr. Phil. She spent some time on a secluded Utah ranch in a program for troubled teens, and then pleaded guilty to grand theft, possession of marijuana and filing a false police report in July of 2017, and she was sentenced to five years of probation. The sentence was dropped last year, however, when she hired a new lawyer.

Bregoli has just wrapped up a massive national tour, and is now promising new music sometime soon.