Daniel Kaluuya's Mother Had a Perfect Reaction to His Oscars 2021 Acceptance Speech

Daniel Kaluuya won the 2021 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, but it's the star's mother who stole the show with her perfect reaction to his acceptance speech. After he was announced as the winner for his role in Judas and the Black Messiah, Kaluuya took to the stage to accept his trophy and thank everyone he needed to. At one point, he joked, "My mom and my dad...they had sex. It's amazing! I'm here!"

Kaluuya's hilarious and surprising comment elicited the perfect reaction from his mom, who was caught on camera looking very puzzled at why he would include that in his big speech. Notably, his sister was also present for the shocking moment and was seen leaning forward in her seat and clutching her head in her hands. Twitter users have been going crazy over the quip and how Kaluuya's mother reacted, with one person tweeting that they also "would like to thank Daniel Kaluuya's parents."

"Incredible that we get to see the real-time reaction from Daniel Kaluuya’s mother as he talks about his parents having sex," someone else joked. Another user tweeted that it was "one of the best lines I've ever heard in an acceptance speech." One final watcher quipped, "We never would have gotten that surprise twist at the end of Daniel Kaluuya's speech if they played him off early!!!"

In Judas and the Black Messiah, Kaluuya plays late civil rights activist and Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton, who was assassinated by the FBI at the age of 21. When speaking to Gold Derby about the role, Kaluuya stated that he was very proud of it and felt no hesitation to take it. "I was not reluctant in the slightest," he said. "I was deeply honored and I felt deeply blessed that it came my way and I’m in a position to receive it and it just moved like that. "


Kaluuya went on to open up about a crucial scene in the movie that wound up being filmed on the same day as the 50th anniversary of Hampton's death, saying it "was very intense." He continued, "It was an intense day. You felt the weight, the cultural weight of what we were doing. We felt his power, is how I felt. You felt that, 'Wow, 50 years later, we’re all in a room telling his story in a place that looks like his place.'"

The actor added, "It was in his house, that was mocked up as his house. So it was a really deep, profound moment, and it was really tough on Lakeith [Stanfield, who played FBI informant Bill O'Neal] and it was tough on everyone on that day. Even what I was doing in that scene, him choosing the people over his escape, essentially, just drummed home what kind of man he was on that day."