Dale Earnhardt Jr. Causes An Uproar With His Latest Photo

Sharing an image of your favorite candy to Instagram seems pretty straightforward in the foodie world. But as NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is learning, it's not as simple as it looks — especially when you snap a shot with someone your fans are not too keen on.

His only advice was to not eat them all at once. Very wise. @mmschocolate #caramel @rowdybusch

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After hearing that Earnhardt Jr. wanted to try the newest M&M's flavor, fellow NASCAR driver, Kyle Busch, 32, decided to hand deliver a box to him. Deciding to share a snap of Busch's kind gesture on Instagram of their sweet moment together, Earnhardt Jr.'s fans began to lose their minds at the sheer sight of him with Busch.

"Dale, couldn't you find someone [worthwhile] to pose with? He gives M&M's a bad taste," one user wrote. Another added, "I wouldn't eat a damn thing from him, careful [Jr.]!"

With many expressing their upset at the two infamous rivals, another fan wrote, "I would like this, but Kyle Busch is in the pic!" adding the middle-finger emoji. While many commented with their disdain for the two posing together, another user retorted, "[Laughing out loud] at the amount of sarcasm in this photo."

For years, the two have known to be adversaries in the NASCAR world, dating all the way back to the spring of 2007. While they are not exactly feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys, Earnhardt Jr. and Busch have provided fans of the sport with some semblance of rivalry for years.

In the May 23 edition of his podcast show, Earnhardt Jr. discussed the image that caused a stir with fans very briefly, saying, "I think that it's fun to play off of because our fans definitely do not like each other."

The 42-year-old went on to open up about his relationship with Busch, revealing that the two "get along pretty good" now, but discloses that they used to "hate each other."


"I think when we came over to Hendrick [Motorsports], he thought we were pushing him out and taking his ride," Earnhardt Jr. said. "I don't think he knows I was in his corner."

Photo Credit: Twitter / @nascarworldnews, Facebook / @Dale Earnhardt Jr.