How 'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal's Family Is Doing Amid Quarantine

During a Q&A session with fans on social media, Kurt Sutter has been addressing a number of questions about how he's holding up during quarantine. He talked about his new pilot, which is currently "in limbo" due to coronavirus, as well as burning questions about his old series, Sons of Anarchy. When asked how he and wife Katey Sagal have been handling the new normal, Sutter reassured everyone that they were doing well.

"We are safe. Healthy. Obeying the guidelines. Staying indoors as much as possible. Social distancing if we go out. Doing 12-step meetings on Zoom," Sutter wrote in an Instagram story, where he also detailed how his family has been weathering the storm.

"The kid is doing remote learning," Sutter continued. "It's actually a full day for her. Her school is doing an amazing job keeping them on curricula. She's adapting... although the novelty has worn off."

As far as his free time, Sutter said he's "still riding the Harley," but added he was doing so "safely."

"The dogs are being walked," the recently-fired showrunner went on. "They are very confused as to why we are home... all the time. And frankly, they don't seem all that happy about it."

At that point, Sutter's answer took a distinct turn.

"I wake up every morning and all I want to do is dive into a dark hole of despair. Find all the things that are wrong, unfair and scary — but I force myself into contrary action. I'm acutely aware that I have a choice — I can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. I do it imperfectly and sometimes begrudgingly, but today I chose to be a part of the solution."


As far as his Sons of Anarchy trivia, Sutter addressed on Twitter that both Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Opie (Ryan Hurst) had to pledge themselves as prospects to the biker club, despite the fact that both of their fathers were members.

"Of course they had to prospect," Sutter wrote in a series of tweets. "I think it's always harder on a prospect if they have family in the club. We got to play some of that in Mayans M.C. If you have blood in the club you have shoes to fill. Expectations to live up to. And the family member in the club usually goes out of their way to make it harder on the prospect to avoid any accusations of favoritism."