'Clueless' Alum Stacey Dash Ends Marriage With Fourth Husband Jeffrey Marty After 2 Years

Actor Stacey Dash has ended her marriage with her fourth husband. The Clueless star posted the announcement to her Instagram stories, which was noticed by TMZ. Her current relationship with husband number four, Jeffrey Marty, was noted for its headline-creating drama.

"My husband and I have made the hard decision of ending our marriage," Dash's message began. "After much prayer, I feel this is the right decision for both of us. I wish him nothing but the best. Thank you, everyone, for your support and [for] respecting our privacy during this difficult time." At this time, it's unclear what legal action has been taken by Dash or Marty -- if any.

Dash had previously been arrested back in September for on charges of domestic assault. The two apparently got into a fight, which continued to escalate. Police eventually responded to a call in the evening, though it is unclear who actually made the call. However, when the cops did arrive, they found that Marty had scratches on his arm, who reportedly confessed that that Dash has been violent with him. Marty also claimed that his soon-to-be-ex pushed and slapped him, which eventually landed her in custody.

The actor later pled not guilty to the charges. Her manager, Sean P. Jackson, spoke to PEOPLE to claim that Dash was acting in self-defense. "Stacey actually called the police because she was attacked by her husband. He choked her and she was defending herself," Jackson said. "When the police arrived, they couldn't see any physical marks on her, but they did see them on him."

Dash had also made a statement of her own, claiming it was a simple marital dispute. She also clarified that Marty had not attacked her, despite rumors to the contrary. "No charges were pressed by her husband, however, Deputies arrested Ms. Dash peacefully, as a formality," the statement read. "Ms. Dash's husband appeared in court today, September 30th, on her behalf and Ms. Dash was released from the Land O' Lakes detention facility. No further legal action is pending."


The case involving the two was eventually dropped by October, and the couple stated that they wanted to simply put the legal matter behind them. "Today, the State Attorney made the right call by declining to file charges against my wife," Marty tweeted on Oct. 3. "She was arrested over my objection at the time, but due to the pending investigation, I waited to comment until now. We both look forward to getting this behind us."