Christina Milian Talks Pandemic Safety With Holiday-Themed Masks, Working on New Netflix Movie (Exclusive)

The holidays are right around the corner, and there will be people from all over the country traveling while battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Christina Milian knows that and is looking to keep people safe but doing it with some style. recently caught up with the actress and singer, who opened up about teaming up with Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book to help create a limited-edition "ugly sweater" inspired face masks and wheel cover.

"I relied on Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book in the past," Milian said to PopCulture. "Right now people are finding the alternative for the holidays and keeping the holiday cheer up. We're relying most on our cars these days. This past summer when I spoke to most of my friends, they were telling me they were going on trips, it wasn't via plane, it was by car. I relied heavily on Auto Trader and Kelley Blue Book just for the services for my car or just purchasing new cars and they're very trusted."

Fans can go to to enter for a chance to win the ugly sweater-themed wheel cover and the masks, which light up. When Milian saw the mask and the cover, she didn't they were as ugly as their namesake. "I think we have to find our comfort level," Milian said while also noting that "masks are the new normal" due to the pandemic. "The fact that it actually lights up makes it so darn cute. And then the ugly sweater is so darn cute."

For Milian, her Thanksgiving plans involve her being out of the country as she's filming a new movie. However, she'll be with her mom, sister and two kids to celebrate a resort-style Thanksgiving due to the film's location. However, Milian will be back home for Christmas, and the entire family will be there for a potluck dinner. She said the kids will open presents, eat until they pass out and even play some Uno.

As for Milian's new movie, it has yet to be titled — but will definitely be available on Netflix. Saturday Night Live alum Jay Pharoah and Sinqua Walls will also star in the film, which is produced by Alica Keys. Milian told PopCulture she plays a woman name Erica who is "passionate about her music career" but has had ups and downs in her love life.


"She becomes a lounge singer just to pass the time and get her life back together," Milian added. "I do have the opportunity to sing a couple of different songs as well as work with some really fun actors. ..It's a great romantic comedy. It's not all just laughs. There's tears, there's happy tears, there's things you're going to talk about around the water cooler with your friends. … I really enjoy doing it."