Chrissy Teigen Takes Jab at Critics With Latest Swimsuit Shot

Chrissy Teigen usually leaves her clap backs for the comment section, but this time she's taking a jab at the internet trolls in her photo and in her caption! The mom-of-two shared a picture of herself peeking through a stone wall while she appears to be picking a "wedgie," but that's what she can't decide. "I have two caption ideas," she started her post. "'Me putting your opinions in my butt' and 'wedgie.' I will decide in one hour."

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Teigen received lots of praise and support for option number one. "Opinions in butt for sure," one person wrote while someone else echoed, "Let's go with putting peoples onions up your butt." Teigen is known for holding nothing back with zero remorse when it comes to her haters. She's been criticized for just about everything, but she's not one to shy away from fighting back. Followers have commented on her children, commented on her cooking skills, and recently she's been called out by conspiracy theorists. In one recent post online, she took a video describing her skincare routine, since so many fans love her gorgeous skin and are curious to know her regimen, but after one person accused her of either having cancer or dropping an extreme amount of weight overnight, Teigen let the troll have it.

After her follower called her "unrecognizable" and suggested she was maybe using an app that could distort her face, even speculating if Teigen had cancer, the former Sports Illustrated model replied with, "What would you prefer," before continuing, "Why are you carrying on with this?? Why do you think I owe you anything especially after what you've said? You know you don't actually know me in real life, right? Thank God."


One of the strangest mom-shaming moments she's received was when someone suggested she not post her daughter's feet online. In a sweet post about getting a pedicure with her daughter Luna, one of her followers said she shouldn't post that online because of all the "pervs" online. Teigen couldn't help but comment by clarifying that she wasn't posting her daughter's feet like that and shared her frustration with fans continually criticizing her. She and husband John Legend had to address fake rumors too that they were on the brink of a divorce a few years ago, and while Legend remains rather quiet online, he does share the same frustrations as his wife, it seems.