Chrissy Teigen Teases John Mayer With Photoshopped Image of Herself on Nicki Minaj's Body

Chrissy Teigen surprised singer John Mayer Saturday by responding to his complaint about Photoshopping with a Photoshop "masterpiece" of her own.

"Nothing provides a clear view into someone's taste, eye or intentions like the way they retouch a photo," the "Waiting on the World to Change" guitarist tweeted on Friday.

Teigen saw the tweet on Saturday and responded with a hilarious Photoshopped image of her head on Nicki Minaj's body. Teigen used the famous image of Minaj squatting to show off her derriere from the 2014 "Anaconda" single.

"I'm dying. New hi score," Mayer replied.

Minaj also saw Teigen's photo. She retweeted it, adding a laughing emoji.


Mayer apparently has a crush on Minaj, which makes Teigen's photo even funnier. Back in September, Mayer tweeted that he spends too much time wondering if Minaj would like him or not.

"Would my body be your wonderland?" Minaj asked, referencing Mayer's 2001 hit "Your Body Is A Wonderland." Minaj later added, "Asking for a friend."