Chester Bennington's Widow Reveals Heartwarming Photos and Illustrations of Late Singer

Chester Bennington's widow, Talinda Benningotn, has taken to Twitter to share heartwarming illustrations of her late husband and their children.

"I can't thank you enough @Nicana_Micael for bringing these pics to life! I'm honored to have your gifted art displayed in my home. #MakeChesterProud," Bennington wrote in one tweet. The illustration, drawn by Twitter user Nicana_Micael, shows Lila Bennington and Lily Bennington striking poses with their father, who is holding Barbie dolls.

The second drawing, illustrated by the same artist, depicts the late Linkin Park singer holding his daughters close on the sidewalk, once again striking a silly pose. "Thank you from my family to yours," Talinda Bennington wrote to the illustrator.

Wednesday afternoon, Bennington spoke out on a recent full autopsy report that first appeared on TMZ and reported false and redacted information.

"Fun fact- When your husband dies by suicide, the LA County Coroner's office will PARAPHRASE your private conversation with them to dramatize and sensationalize the story and then SCUMBAG FILTH like TMZ post it for the world to feast on. It was redacted to protect all the kids!!" she wrote, replying to her tweet with the hashtag #F—YouTMZ."


She went on to say that she had to pull her 11-year-old son out of school so he wouldn't hear the information from his classmates first, stating that it was information she never wished for her children to know.

Chester Bennington committed suicide on July 20 at the age of 41. Following his death, tributes from fans and other celebrities around the world began pouring in and a conversation about mental health was sparked.