Chelsea Handler Tweets Controversial Tribute to Martin Luther King

As celebrities and citizens pen tributes to the late Martin Luther King Jr., Chelsea Handler added a controversial opinion to the mix.

The comedian took to Twitter on Monday to share her thoughts on the holiday — and the role "white people" play in honoring the civil rights leader.

"Happy Martin Luther King day to a true hero. This day means more today than it ever has," Handler began. "We all must honor the spirit of his fairness and equality and tireless search for justice."

Then, she offered up a less popular opinion of the January holiday.

"It is up to white people to honor Dr King, and to think about what it must be like to not be white," Handler said.

Fans took to the comments to claim sides on the Chelsea Lately host's post.

Some agreed with her opinion, noting that to achieve racial equality, people must first recognize the inequality that exists.

Others were not so supportive of Handler's comments and slammed her for misunderstanding the premise of King's works.


Among the comments were also those who painted Handler's commentary as insensitive or racist.

While Handler's tribute to King may have missed the mark, several other celebrities, from politicians to athletes and reality personalities, offered up their humble thoughts on the holiday. Read them all here.