Carol Maltesi, Adult Film Actress, Killed in Grisly Murder

Carol Maltesi, the Italian-Dutch adult film actress whose stage name was Charlotte Angie, has died tragically. Maltesi was reportedly killed disturbingly in a grisly incident. Italian banker Davide Fontana ended up arrested for her murder this week, allegedly dismembering Maltesi's remains which could only be identified through her tattoos. Maltesi had a young son.

In January, Fontana allegedly killed Maltesi, 26, with a hammer, reports The Telegraph. He then pulled an elaborate ruse by dismembering Maltesi's body and keeping it frozen in a freezer he installed at her house. He continued paying her rent and even responded to messages on her phone to trick people into thinking Maltesi was still alive.

In mid-March, someone finally reported Maltesi missing when she did not attend an event at a lap-dancing club. Fontana allegedly dumped her body in bags off the road in Brescia, about two hours from Milan. A passerby discovered Maltesi's body last week. The remains could not be easily identified, so police put out a description listing the details of all 11 tattoos on the body parts.

Journalist Andrea Tortelli received a tip about Maltesi's identity. He contacted her acquaintances and learned that no one had seen her lately. They gave Tortelli photos, a phone number, and Maltesi's real name.

"I thought to myself, 'what are the odds that all this coincides – the physical description, and that this woman has eight of the same tattoos?" Tortelli told The Telegraph. "But I didn't want to go to the police until I was sure." Tortelli then sent a message to Maltesi's WhatsApp account and surprisingly received a message, allegedly from Fontana, who claimed Maltesi was fine. Fontana never responded when Tortelli asked for a recording to prove he was communicating with Maltesi. This convinced Tortelli to go to the police with all the information he found.

Fontana is scheduled to appear in court Thursday. He was charged with aggravated murder and mutilating and hiding a corpse. Fontana reportedly confessed to the crime.

During the three months Fontana had Maltesi's phone, he allegedly sent messages to Maltesi's mother, claiming she "left" the adult film industry, reports the Daily Beast. He also sent kinky messages to her boyfriend. When police published photos of Maltesi's tattoos, her friends asked Maltesi what was happening. "Yes, they look like mine... but luckily, I'm ok," Fontana allegedly replied, pretending to be Maltesi.


Fontana allegedly told police he "accidentally" killed Maltesit during a consensual affair. He claimed he did not know what to do next, so he dismembered her and froze the remains. Police said some body parts were burned or missing.