Cara Delevingne's New GQ Photoshoot Features A Mesmerizing Liquid Metal-Style Suit

Cara Delevingne is no stranger to eye-catching fashion and brave style choices, but these new liquid metal-style suits she's debuted in GQ might be her most intense choice yet.

Cara dons the cover of the new issue of British GQ in the shiny outfit, and she almost looks half-robot, in a story first shared by The Daily Mail.

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In another pic, shared by the magazine to their Instagram page, Cara wears a silver metal bolero that is see-through.

They also include an excerpt of an interview they did with her, where Cara says, "I am a very outwardly free person, even though sometimes I don’t feel that way inside…"

She continues, "Inside, I have so many fears. I work in an industry where I care what other people think and I’m nervous all the time. If I don’t admit that it’s going on, it comes out in my skin... You pretend it doesn’t exist, that’s when it comes out, whether it’s heartbreak or something at work."

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The magazine featuring Cara is on stands July 6th, but it will also be available digitally for those not able to pick it up in the U.K.