Candy Spelling Speaks out on Daughter Tori's Divorce From Dean McDerrmott

Candy Spelling says that 'everything's good' with her daughter, Tori.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott recently revealed their divorce, and now Spelling's mother Candy is speaking out. Over the weekend, Candy was in attendance at the MOCA Gala 2024 at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Los Angeles.

Speaking to PEOPLE at the event, Candy shared that her daughter has relied on her amid Spelling's split from McDermott, whom Spelling was married to for 18 years. "Well, she really needed [support]," Candy said, later adding that it means "a lot" to her that she's been able to be there for her daughter during this time. She lastly offered "Everything's good."

McDermott and Spelling married in 2006 and share five kids: Liam, 16, Stella, 15, Hattie, 11, Finn, 10 and Beau, 7. Rumors about the couple's rocky marriage occasionally emerged throughout the past few years and, over the summer of 2023, the pair confirmed their split. They announced their plans to divorce in March.

Previously, Spelling opened up about her relationship with McDermott, revealing that the couple were having problems years before their split. In a recent episode of her misSPELLING podcast, the mother-of-five shared that the pair had long been sleeping in "different bedrooms," prior to filing for divorce, and that it was McDermott's "choice" to do so.

"Like, he gave an interview saying he stopped sleeping in the bed because of a pig. That is not true," Spelling explained, adding that they did have a pet pig that slept in their bed once, but it was just one time. 

"I was just following orders that it was used to snuggling and it needed that for a few nights," she went on to say. "But then when it peed between us in the bed, he was like, 'The pig's leaving the bed.' And I was like, 'Understood.' And that was it. That was the only night the pig was in the bed."