Candace Cameron Bure Fires Back at Trolls Calling Her 'Fake'

Candace Cameron Bure is hitting back at trolls yet again. After facing criticism from online trolls who have blasted her as "fake" for her positive demeanor, the Fuller House star recruited the help of her former co-star Bob Saget to shut down the criticism and address the comments she has received, Saget assuring listeners of his Bob Saget's Here For You podcast that Bure is just as positive as she seems.

Appearing during the April 12 episode of the podcast, according to ET Canada, Bure asked her former co-star "to talk about me for a second," asking him, "for those people that think that because I am a happy, positive person, that I must be a fake person, would you say that that's true or false?" Saget declared that Bure is "the opposite of fake," adding, "I'm sorry—you're perky sometimes. What's wrong with being perky?" Saget noted that "it's hard—life can beat people down," and called Bure "very fortunate," as she has "had a lot of things happen, but you also work really hard."

"Thank you," Bure responded before opening up about what prompted the question in the first place. "I only ask that because sometimes you read comments, and most of them, they roll off my back. But when people are annoyed at me that I'm such a happy person ... I was like, let someone speak into this that's known me since I was 9 years old."

Saget went on to again say that Bure is "a positive person." He explained, "if you're perky, it's because you're excited, and/or you've had a lot of caffeine. That's what people should know—there's nothing fake about you." He added that the actress has "strong convictions. In fact, sometimes to a fault" and she "can be a tough customer sometimes 'cause you are like, 'Can we just get this done?'" Bure quipped that her co-star was "like speaking my love language right now just hearing you say that," the mom of three responded."

The Monday conversation marked just the latest example of Bure pushing back at haters, something she has had to do more than just a few times in recent months. In January, she issued an explanation over who she chooses to follow on Instagram after facing criticism over her following list, telling fans "I follow a broad range of people so that I have perspective." Earlier that same month, she called back at "haters" commenting on her family's holiday photo.


Bure and Saget starred alongside one another on Full House, with the actress starring as D.J. Tanner and Saget as Danny Tanner, during its run from 1987 until 1995. Both reprised their roles for the Netflix spinoff Fuller House, which debuted in 2016 and concluded in 2020. Bure, meanwhile, has also had a bustling Hallmark movies career.