Burt Reynolds Once Threw Water on Marc Summers During Tense 'Tonight Show' Appearance

A newly resurfaced Tonight Show clip features the late Burt Reynolds angrily dumping his drink onto Marc Summers on live TV.

The video comes from Jay Leno's run on the NBC late night hit. In it, Summers joined Leno and and Reynolds to discuss his dual jobs, one hosting kids' game shows on Nickelodeon and one hosting the daytime talk show Our Home on Lifetime. The interview aired in October of 1994, as Summers' nine year tenure on Nickelodeon was nearing its end. Early on in the interview, Reynolds seemed to grow frustrated with Summers, grumbling that he was excluding him from the conversation.

"Who told you you're a neatness freak?" Reynolds asked. "I'm just saying that because your back is to me, and I'm talking to a back."

"No, no I can talk to you too Burt," Summers said amicably turning around.

"Watch out, he's got scissors," Leno put in, perhaps sensing the tension.

"My wife tells me that often," Summer said, returning to Summers' question. "I'm still married, as a matter of fact." He patted Reynolds' shoulder, and the crowd gasped at the sleight against Reynolds. Without missing a beat, the older actor leaned over and dumped the entire contents of his Tonight Show mug onto Summers' front and lap.

Marriage may have been a touchy subject for Reynolds, who had gotten his second divorce just one year earlier. He had been married to actress Loni Anderson since 1988, and even adopted a son with her. However, they separated in 1993 when Reynolds said he fell in love with a cocktail waitress.

Summers even tried to return fire, picking up his own mug and moving towards Reynolds. However, Reynolds slapped it deftly out of his hand, and the contents went spiraling over Summers, splattering his head and chair.

"You're not a neatness freak anymore," Reynolds quipped. The moment seemed to shock Summers, though he continued smiling.

"Burt Reynolds just threw water on me, did you notice that, folks?" he said.

"And you'll treasure it later," Reynolds said, patting his hand.

"Don't touch me," Summers joked. Finally, a few moments later, he got his opportunity to return fire, throwing the dregs of his own mug onto Reynolds. He ignored the sneak attack completely.

The clip is just another reminder of Reynolds' commanding presence and quick wit on screen. The actor passed away last Thursday, Sept. 6 at the age of 82. He reportedly succumbed to heart problems he had been dealing with for years. Anderson, the very same woman who had driven him to splashing Summers in that clip, was one of the first to issue a statement on Reynolds' passing.


"Quinton and I are extremely touched by the tremendous outpouring of love and support from friends and family throughout the world," she told Fox News, adding that they would "miss" his "great laugh."