Bruce Willis and Wife Emma Share 58th Birthday Tribute to Demi Moore

Bruce Willis and ex-wife Demi Moore may have divorced years ago, but their friendship is still very much alive. Willis and his current wife Emma Willis celebrated the actress for her 58th birthday by sharing a sweet photo on Emma's Instagram stories. The two held up Moore's autobiography, Inside Out, captioning it, "Happy birthday [Demi Moore]. We adore you!" according to Entertainment Tonight.

Her children all took to social media to share a sweet post dedicated to their mom on her special day as well. Her daughter Scout Willis posted, "She is an iconic mother, iconic woman, iconic partner, iconic force of f—g nature. And that's because she is a real human being who is vulnerable and brave and has always been on a journey of self evolution. She is powerful in her fierceness ( a la shaved head bad b— of slide two shaking up the paradigm of the kind of roles women were allowed at that time) and in her softness (aka slide 1 holding her smol bebecita me) she pushes the boundaries and continues to, which is why so many people relate to her (myself very much included) she is a work in progress as WE ALL ARE!" she posted in a sweet tribute.

She continued, "And by allowing herself the space and dignity to grow she shows us all that it's possible! She is weird, she is sexy, she is hilarious, she is the queen of finding the absolute strangest s— on eBay, and luckily she is my mom. I consider myself especially lucky that she is one of my best friends in the entire planet. I love you mama."

The Willis and Moore family seem incredibly close. In fact, at the beginning of the pandemic, the family quarantined together, including both Willis and Moore. The family quarantined together in Sun Valley, Idaho, but Emma was in Los Angeles with Willis' two youngest daughters. Moore and Willis were married from 1987 to 2000 but have remained very close ever since going their separate ways.

Recently Moore published her memoir which took fans by surprise once opening the pages. She opened up about quite a bit including her sexual assault and some of her past relationships. The actress shared details with fans in a way she hasn't ever before and because of that, the book was a huge success.